26th May 2017 – Sea swimming

IMG_0501The weather was stunning, so it seemed like a good idea to go to the beach. We went to Lyme and as the tide was well out, we took the opportunity to explore the rock pools. We found some sea squirts, anemones and one crab. There was a huge diversity of seaweed. Then, we played in the waves and whilst B watched the kids, I went for a swim in the surprisingly warm water. We sat on the sand with the intention of making sand castles, but by this point, the kids had started whingeing. The salt seemed to be irritating E’s skin, who suffers from eczema and Izzy had got a bit cold. So, we headed back to the car, past all the very tempting ice cream stalls.

Total wild time – 1 hour 50 mins

11th August 2016 – Beer Regatta

IMG_1771We got to Beer early and there was not much happening in terms of the Regatta, but we coloured in some dinosaur pictures and painted some plaster fossils (E also painted 2 stones he had found and his hair).

We had neglected to pack swimming gear, but Izzy and E got around that small problem by stripping naked and diving straight in to the sea. The water was warm, clear and calm, so I was a bit upset that I couldn’t join them.

After a pasty lunch on the beach, we visited the little heritage centre, which contained three fish tanks with local rockpool wildlife, including Blennies, Prawns, various species of Anemones, as well as Edible Crabs and a Lobster. There were also some displays about different types of fishing and local geology.

In terms of the Regatta, there didn’t seem to be a lot happening and then a boat capsized (nobody was hurt) and apparently that signalled the end of any races. Things were getting a bit more rowdy as we left, with rafts, including one that was an ‘Ice Palace’ and another that was a whale, lining up in the street, their crews hurling water bombs and eggs at each other.

Total wild time – 3 hours

16th July 2016 – Natural Seaton Festival and sea-swimming

Bug hotelThe Natural Seaton Festival was just getting started when we arrived, but we saw Horace the Pliosaur, identified some birds’ eggs, (where I learned that Shelduck lay their eggs in rabbit burrows), then Izzy and E made a bug hotel, which we hung in our garden.

Later in the afternoon and trusting the weather forecast rather than the actual weather we were experiencing, we headed to the sea to swim. The water was cold, but bearable and the waves were choppy, but not too rough.  B held Izzy tightly whilst she swam and E splashed about in the shallows with me. B did some snorkelling, but didn’t see anything of interest and then I got a chance to swim on my own, whilst B watched the kids. We all left the beach feeling exhilarated and starving. It was almost 7 by the time we got home, so we had a very quick and easy dinner, before bath time and bed.Sea swimming

Total wild time: Festival – 30 mins, Sea swim – 1 hour 20 mins