16th July 2016 – Natural Seaton Festival and sea-swimming

Bug hotelThe Natural Seaton Festival was just getting started when we arrived, but we saw Horace the Pliosaur, identified some birds’ eggs, (where I learned that Shelduck lay their eggs in rabbit burrows), then Izzy and E made a bug hotel, which we hung in our garden.

Later in the afternoon and trusting the weather forecast rather than the actual weather we were experiencing, we headed to the sea to swim. The water was cold, but bearable and the waves were choppy, but not too rough.  B held Izzy tightly whilst she swam and E splashed about in the shallows with me. B did some snorkelling, but didn’t see anything of interest and then I got a chance to swim on my own, whilst B watched the kids. We all left the beach feeling exhilarated and starving. It was almost 7 by the time we got home, so we had a very quick and easy dinner, before bath time and bed.Sea swimming

Total wild time: Festival – 30 mins, Sea swim – 1 hour 20 mins

4th July 2016 – The wild finds us

IMG_20160704_153529883 IMG_20160704_153538204I had been ill since last night and accepted that we wouldn’t be having any wild time today. I didn’t expect the wild to find us…

I took E to the toddler’s playground in Seaton, only to find that the strip of uninspiring soil next to the climbing frames had been transformed into a tiny urban meadow, full of Yarrow, Poppies and Corn Marigolds and buzzing with bees, which E rather unwisely tried to catch in his hands. We also checked out the Cactus house and he was fascinated by the huge Koi Carp in the pond there.

Back in the garden, I had a cuppa whilst the kids played on the swing. Then, before I had fully grasped what was happening, a Sparrowhawk crashed down into the hedge and bolted past us in a flurry of feathers, with what I assume was a House Sparrow in its talons. As amazing and dramatic as it was to witness, it is quite likely that the unfortunate prey was one of the parents or fledglings from the nest in our porch, so it was a little too close for comfort.

Total wild time: Probably only 10 mins of really ‘wild time’

19th June 2016 – Seagulls in Seaton

DSC_0369 DSC_0378

Father’s Day has been a bit of a washout. We went to the Seaton for the bike festival, went to a beer festival in a pub, took the kid’s bikes to the skate ramp in the park, met some friends in the playground, then went back to Seaton for fish and chips to celebrate our 4 month anniversary in our new house, but none of it really went to plan and wild time has had to be snatched between doing these other things.

We noticed how dark the road was in the fog and under a tunnel of trees, we spotted fungi in the grass on the playing field and in our lawn and we noticed a cormorant flying over the skate ramps. We caught raindrops on our hands and tongues as we ran from the car to the fish and chip shop and we watched Herring Gulls fly as we ate our dinner (Izzy thought they were racing each other in the sky, like the men on bikes below them).

Must do better next week.

Total wild time: Who know? 15 mins?