8th April 2017 – Harvest Mice, Kestrels and Sandcastles

IMG_0325We started the day at Seaton Wetlands, where the kids scooted and biked to the Discovery Hut. We had come to see the captive Harvest Mice and the Kestrel nest box cam. Afterwards, we drove to Lyme Regis, where we played on the sandy beach. Izzy delighted in digging a ‘Daddy pit’, which we covered with a towel and encouraged B to sit on. We paddled in the sea, where, weirdly, a goose was hanging about. Then, we built a course for some golf-balls, like a giant marble run, before E trashed it with a toy digger.

There was then a lot of whingeing and so we set off for home, where the kids changed out of their wet, sandy clothes, before going to Grandmum and Grandad’s house, where Izzy made a butterfly out of Hazel twigs and they both did pastel drawings. We found zillions of Slow-worms under some roofing felt in the garden.IMG_0329

Total wild time – about 4 hours

4th February 2017 – A big wave

IMG_0111The weather was beautiful this morning, for breakfast in Lyme Regis and a trip to the lovely playground. It was still lovely when we arrived in Charmouth, but the waves were crashing over the walkway behind the heritage centre. I was a bit dubious about walking that way to the beach, but other people were doing it and B seemed to think it would be fine. He carried E and forged on ahead, whilst Izzy and I followed behind, holding hands. Half way along, an enormous wave crashed right over our heads, soaking us both. Poor Izzy was dripping wet, head to toe and immediately burst into tears. I led her down onto the beach, where an artist was collecting bits of seaweed for her sculptures and people were searching for fossils. I did a #2minutebeach clean but the beach was so utterly covered in rubbish, it made no discernible difference at all. There were so many people out and about, I couldn’t help thinking that if everybody had just picked up 1 or 2 bits of plastic, then that would have made a difference.  Izzy was not in the mood any more, so we turned around. Back at the car park, B gave Izzy his coat and she decided that she wanted to explore the beach on the other side of the river. There was a boy feeding the ducks next to the bridge and a Cormorant drying its wings. E drew in the sand with his finger, then got quite a lot in his eye. Izzy collected some bits of Bladderwrack and driftwood and climbed on a boulder. B found some ammonites, before we headed back to the car. We passed some flowering 3-Cornered Leek and E pointed out some Daisies – a few little signs that Spring is on its way.

Total wild time – 1 hour 30 mins

14th January 2017 – Burton Bradstock Beach

thumbnail_IMG_2873 It was a gorgeous winter’s morning for an excursion to Burton Bradstock (autocorrect keeps changing that to Breadstick!) We hit the beach, which was flanked by golden, overhanging cliffs to the right and slumping, charcoal-grey cliffs to the left. Bramble chased seaweed, whilst Izzy collected ‘sea pearls’ (semi-transparent pebbles) and E ran around. It was all going so well, until E fell in the surf and soaked his trousers. We had to abort our trip and return to the car for a change of clothes.

thumbnail_IMG_2890Total wild time – 40 mins

29th July 2016 – Lyme Regis beach

After a boozy night out with B to celebrate our wedding anniversary, today was a bit of a write off, but we managed a quick trip to Lyme Regis, where we walked the length of the Cobb, then pottered about on the tiny beach behind the aquarium, watching the Herring Gulls and Rock Pipits at the edge of the waves. Izzy made some sand castles, which E promptly destroyed.

Heading back towards Monmouth Beach, Izzy tripped over and grazed her knees, which triggered a bit of a meltdown. We decided it would be best to call it a day.IMG_20160729_132821169_HDR IMG_20160729_133410820_HDR

Total wild time – about 30 mins

14th July 2016 – Lyme Regis beach life

DSC_0519It felt like a paddle-in-the-sea kind of a day, so we popped down to Lyme Regis, parked in the town and wandered down to the beach via the colourful gardens, where the kids took the opportunity to roll down the grassy slopes and chase the seagulls. On the sand, they forgot sibling rivalries for a few moments to bury B together, then we made Izzy a mermaid tail. We dipped our toes in the sea, admired the boats in the harbour and played frisbee. It was a clear evening and we could see along the coast to Golden Cap and Ridge Cliff, where we had flown a kite the other week. The kids were in a great mood all the way home, even though it was past dinner time and they were hungry (although obviously there was an unscheduled wee stop, because there always is). The fresh air and exercise had obviously had the desired effect and hopefully they will sleep well tonight.

DSC_0505DSC_0507DSC_0510Total wild time: About 1 hour 30 mins