20th March 2017 – Muddy puddles

E was an absolute star today and walked for our entire dog walk, giving me hope that we will be able to ditch the buggy soon. We got drenched in a heavy shower, but he didn’t seem to mind. When we got to a muddy bit, he said “Just like my book!” and I knew he meant “We’re going on a bear hunt”, so we ‘Squelch squerched” our way through it. He wanted to throw stones in the river and was excited to see the ducks swimming towards him.


Total wild time – about 30 mins

29th January 2017 – Big Garden Bird Watch

IMG_0087We put out the bird food we made earlier in the week (although it didn’t work properly, as it got stuck in the moulds), as well as some cheese, oats and seed. Then, pen and paper at the ready, we sat in Izzy’s window seat and started the timer for 1 hour.

We recorded 1 Blackbird, 1 Starling and 1 Woodpigeon, as well as 2 House Sparrows, but the rain that set in after 10 minutes did not help our rather pathetic total. We did notice a Blackbird with a white feather and saw a Pheasant land in a neighbour’s garden (quite surprising in the middle of town!) and the kids had fun looking up the birds in their ID books, learning the differences between male and female birds, sketching and recording their results. To be honest, I was quite surprised by their enthusiasm and that they stuck with it for the full hour.

IMG_0089Later that day and despite the pouring rain, we took the dog out for a family walk. The kids burnt off some of their overflowing energy, pretending to be super heros, jumping in puddles and singing ‘the world is lovely’ at the top of their voices. We returned home drenched, but happier, to a mug of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows.

Total wild time – at least 1 hour 30 mins

21st November 2016 – Floods

It was a disappointing kind of a day. A friend who was going to come over for a cuppa cancelled due to a poorly child, then my mum cancelled coming over because she was flooded in, which meant that zumba was cancelled, too. Then school closed and I had to pick up Izzy early. She didn’t fancy going for a walk, but Bramble hadn’t had a walk yet, so I dragged her and E out in their wellies.  Several houses had sand bags outside their doors and water had forced open the drain cover on the main road.We stamped through puddles down to the river, where there was quite a crowd watching the flood water racing past. The rivers Coly and Umborne had merged to become one and the fields in-between were drowned under brown water. We were forced home when the heavens opened yet again.IMG_20161121_152001581_HDR

Total wild time – about 30 mins

3rd November 2016 – Peanut hearts

IMG_20161103_172053835It began to spit as we waited in the playground to pick up Izzy, so we danced home in the rain and put a jug out in the garden to monitor how much was falling.

We roasted some foraged chestnuts on the woodburner and then Izzy and I made peanut heart bird feeders, which is an idea from ‘My first nature activity book’, published by Cicokidz. We went out into the wet, dark garden to hang them on the bird table and found some snails on the plant pots, a big spider on our house wall and some moths, which landed on the door.

Total wild time – about 45 mins

1st October 2016 – Stormy weather

There was a massive thunder storm last night, which would have woken me up if I hadn’t already been suffering with insomnia. The rain continued to pour all day and with all of us full of cold, I didn’t fancy getting soaked. But, the kids were getting cabin fever, so I took advantage of a break in the rain, to put them in the car and drive to the playground. As we arrived, it started tipping down again. We waited for the worst to pass, then donned coats and headed to the playground, football in hand. We played for a while and the kids got thoroughly wet on the slides. We noticed the gulls and Cormorants flying overhead and that the cows were all lying down in the rain. When the heavens opened again, we ran for the car and as we pulled up at home, a rainbow appeared, apparently ending on our chimney.

Total wild time – 30 mins (not exactly wild, but outdoors at least)