30th May 2017 – Rainbow activity trail at Seaton Wetlands

IMG_0523 IMG_0522
After visiting friends in the morning, we loaded the bikes into the car and headed to one of our favourite places – Seaton Wetlands. There, we followed the Rainbow Trail and did the activities, such as being quiet and listening to the sounds of the wild (wind in the trees, distant traffic and several different types of bird song), throwing leaves and stones into the stream to see whether they floated or sank and finding leaves of different shapes. There were a couple of Rabbits right next to the path (although I totally failed to get a photo), Oystercatchers and Shelducks on the marsh and Swallows zooming around in the sky. The hedges were filled with Roses.

Total wild time – 1 hour 30 minsIMG_0521

12th May 2017 – My birthday

It was my birthday and so B and I went for a lovely bike ride to Seaton in the evening for dinner, through the wetlands, where we saw lots of Rabbits.

Earlier in the day, B took E to the allotment with some visiting friends and Izzy went on a welly walk down to the field by the river with her class.

Total wild time – about 1 hour

7th April 2017 – Beer Head

Another gorgeous day and so we headed to Beer Head, where we walked along the cliff tops, overlooking the beautiful sea. There was plenty of wildlife to spot, including baby Rabbits and Peacock butterflies, as well as lambs and cows. With fruit pastilles being handed out at regular intervals, Izzy walked without complaining, whilst I either carried E on the hip-seat, or let him walk, then watched him legging it in the opposite direction. At one point, he suddenly launched himself, head first on his belly, down the grass slope.

Afterwards, we got an ice-cream in the village, before exploring the gardens on the other side of the valley, where there was a huge rookery amongst the trees. Izzy decided to roll down the hill, managing to cover herself in dried grass.

Total wild time – about 2 hours

18th January 2017 – Rabbits at Seaton Wetlands

IMG_0055 IMG_0054

E and I had a lovely afternoon at the wetlands. E is now so proficient on his balance bike, I had to jog to keep up with him. We spied on the Shelducks and Lapwings through the screens and we spotted 2 Rabbits nibbling grass in the sunshine. There was a Buzzard being mobbed by Crows in the sky and Blue Tits and Goldfinches on the bird feeders.

Total wild time – 1 hour 10 mins (E), Izzy 0 mins