22nd October 2016 – Outdoorsy day

IMG_20161022_104715489_HDRWe had a lovely outdoorsy kind of a day today, starting with a pony ride on Cracker and ending with time on the allotment, sowing our packet of free GrowWild wildflower seeds, digging up weeds, falling in nettles (Izzy) and picking flowers from Grandmum’s garden to brighten up our house.

Total wild time – 2 hours 40 mins


16th October 2016 – Biking The Byes

Today was pretty momentous, as Izzy decided that she wanted to remove the stabilisers from her bike. So, we went to The Byes in Sidmouth and explored the cycle trail there, which was busy with dog-walkers, cyclists and people in sports kit. The sounds of a rugby game and hockey match carried on the wind. Izzy was frustrated that she could not instantly master bike-riding and blamed me loudly and profusely for her failures. Despite her grumblings, she actually got the hang of it pretty quickly and with E on his balance bike, the kids wheeled along, through tunnels of Hazel trees. We heard a Green Woodpecker, stopped to watch a Grey Squirrel  run along the fence and spotted a Rabbit hiding in a nearby field. By the time we retraced our steps, Izzy was starting to feel proud of herself and more confident in her ability.

Afterwards, I took Izzy pony-riding in the stunning autumn sunshine.IMG_20161016_114258683_HDRIMG_20161016_111935109

Total wild time – E – 1 hour 25 mins, Izzy – 3 hours


7th October 2016 – Pony riding

IMG_20161007_164512358_HDRI had a lovely time with Izzy and pony Cracker after school. I can’t remember the last time the two of us actually had some time alone together. She was buzzing after a great week at school (including a welly walk, which was an extra hour of wild time today) and we had a nice chat as we plodded along the lanes in the chill air. We saw a couple of Buzzards fly from the trees above the lane into nearby hedgerow Oaks. A flock of raucous Rooks provided a momentary soundtrack, as did a singing Robin. I pointed out the strings of Black Bryony berries in the hedges and she enjoyed having a different view of the world from the back of a pony

Total wild time – Izzy – 1 hour 30 mins, E – 0