1st May 2017 – Beltane

IMG_0420 IMG_0422

I took Izzy pony-riding, then at home, we made a wreath with yellow flowers (Dandelions) to celebrate Beltane.

Later, when the kids were in bed I lit a ‘smudge stick’, made from Sage, to ‘cleanse’ the house.

Total wild time – Izzy about 2 hours, Ethan ?

14th April 2017 – A dead Badger

I took Izzy pony-riding and we were having a lovely time, but we passed a dead Badger on the side of the road, which Izzy talked about for a long time afterwards. I explained that it had probably been run over by a car and she said, “People shouldn’t kill animals, they should look after them.”

A few minutes from home, Cracker coughed whilst Izzy was trotting and she fell off, grazing her elbow and back on the road. Brave little thing that she is, she was soon giggling again, finding it funny when Cracker pulled a long string of Cleavers from the hedge to munch on. She got back in the saddle and said it hadn’t put her off.

IMG_0340Total wild time – 1.5 hours

11th March 2017 – Pony riding


Izzy giggled for the entire time that we were pony riding, enjoying Cracker’s fast trot and making me run next to her. The Wild Daffodils, Primroses and Violets were flowering and the birds were singing.

Whilst we were out, B and E were walking to the allotment and stopped to watch a Heron catch a fish in the River Coly.

Total wild time – 1 hour 23 mins (Izzy), 20 mins (E)

28th January 2017 – Pony ride

IMG_0083 IMG_0085

In the morning, we hung our ice decorations in the garden (they had to be put in the freezer as the weather was so mild!), then I looked after the kids, whilst B erected the new shed on the allotment. We wandered past the swollen River Coly, to the cafe, then back again.

After lunch, I took Izzy for a pony ride and spotted a rainbow.

Total wild time – E about 30 mins, Izzy about 1 hour 50 mins

20th November 2016 – Pony riding

IMG_20161120_145701385_HDRI took Izzy out on Cracker and we had a lovely time. Her confidence is really growing and she wanted to trot a lot, so I ended up getting a bit of exercise. The rains had washed lots of stones and debris into the lanes. We passed fields of stubble, saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker fly away, then a couple of Egrets perched close to the Umborne.

Total wild time – 1 hour 45 mins (Izzy)

29th October 2016 – Pony riding

IMG_20161029_104754075Whilst B and E took the dog for a walk, Izzy and I took Cracker out for a hack. We enjoyed the peace and quiet of the lanes. There was still some Betony and Herb-Robert flowering in the hedgerows, but most of the colour came from the changing leaves, especially the Dogwood, Field Maple and Cherry.

Total wild time – 1 hour 10 mins