2nd March 2017 – Lunch in the garden and beach walk

IMG_0219It was a gorgeous, sunny morning, so E and I ate our lunch in the garden, noticing the buds growing on the apple trees and a pair of Jackdaws sliding down the thatched roof of the house opposite.

After school, we dragged a reluctant Izzy out to the beach for a dog walk. The waves were crashing against the pebbles, as we practised Parkrun, by jogging along the promenade. We took the steep steps up the cliff to walk back through the park, then kept Izzy happy by buying her a drink and a Kitkat in Coast cafe.

Total wild time – just over 1 hour

24th February 2017 – Pebblebed Heath


Warmth! Sunshine! Even though I was still ill, I felt so much better with an improvement in the weather. I cleaned the house, I mowed the lawn and after lunch, I took E and Bramble for a walk on the East Devon Pebblebed Heath. We parked at Joney’s Cross and ambled aimlessly around. E walked for the entire hour, without asking to be carried or whining about anything. He enjoyed plodding through the dry Purple Moor-grass and picked stems for his friend Olive, Izzy and B. He also filled my pocket with pebbles he wanted to take home. Apart from the road noise, it was very peaceful on the heath and there was a lovely view towards Sidmouth and the sea. I returned home feeling energised.

Izzy went to the playground with her class on their welly walk, so she got out and about in the sunshine, too.

Total wild time – 1 hour


14th January 2017 – Burton Bradstock Beach

thumbnail_IMG_2873 It was a gorgeous winter’s morning for an excursion to Burton Bradstock (autocorrect keeps changing that to Breadstick!) We hit the beach, which was flanked by golden, overhanging cliffs to the right and slumping, charcoal-grey cliffs to the left. Bramble chased seaweed, whilst Izzy collected ‘sea pearls’ (semi-transparent pebbles) and E ran around. It was all going so well, until E fell in the surf and soaked his trousers. We had to abort our trip and return to the car for a change of clothes.

thumbnail_IMG_2890Total wild time – 40 mins

24th November 2016 – A windy walk

IMG_20161124_140638986I was expecting B to say ‘No’ when I asked him to go for a walk on the beach with E, the dog and me, but he agreed surprisingly readily. So, we hopped in the car and parked next to Seaton Boat Club. The sound of the wind amongst the masts was unbelievable – a shrieking, whistling, rattling kind of noise. E took his time plodding along, poking around in puddles of water on the wall, digging in the pebbles with a bit of driftwood, whereas B, wearing totally inappropriate clothing as usual, wanted to walk quickly before he froze to death. We breathed in the smell of the sea and watched a gull playing in the wind, skimming the surface of the water, then lifting effortlessly back into the sky. I found a crab on the strand line, still alive, which B threw back into the sea, hoping it would survive. B picked up E and carried him the rest of the way.

Total wild time – 25 mins (E) Izzy (0)

17th November 2016 – After-school beach walk

We went for a family walk on the beach after school. It was misty and atmospheric, as the light faded from the sky. E threw his arms wide and roared at the sea. We lobbed pebbles into the waves and balanced stones on top of each other to make towers. A boy zoomed past on the pavement, pulled along on his skateboard by his dog. We were only out for half an hour, but we all returned to the car energised by our blast on the beach.

Total wild time – 30 mins

25th September 2016 – Beach walk

IMG_20160925_150420359_HDRIt was really noisy on the beach today with the waves crashing and dragging pebbles back into the sea. The dog chased bits of kelp that were carried by the wind, whilst E struck bits of driftwood together and Izzy collected ‘singing stones’.

Total wild time – 1 hour (I think, but can’t actually remember what time we arrived!)