28th May 2017 – River Cottage Spring Food Fair

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B was talking about Growing Beer at the River Cottage Spring Food Fair today, so we tagged along for a day out. River Cottage HQ is in a gorgeous location and was looking very pretty with flowers blooming and lambs in the fields. We spent a long time queuing for the kids to be face painted, but the time passed by watching birds of prey flying overhead and eating pizza. Next, we went to listen to B’s talk, but he threw us out as E was being too noisy! After some veggie curry (which the kids declared delicious – annoying, as they would have refused to have touched it if I’d made it) and bubble-chasing, my brother, who works in the gardens there, showed us around the pigs, chickens, cows and lambs. The kids adored the animals, so next on the itinerary was a donkey ride, followed by tea and cake, playing in a mud kitchen, crafting and then walking an alpaca. The day finished by a tractor ride back to the car park – possibly E’s highlight of the whole day.

Wild Time – (not really wild but outdoors and in the countryside) 6 hours

23rd August 2016 – Mud pies

DSC_0581 (1)The kids had a lot of fun making mud pies and ‘mud custard’ using their play kitchen utensils in the garden. They added some herbs to make it smell nice and got thoroughly muddy.

Walking back from ‘holiday club’ we noticed that the leaves were starting to change colour on the Beech and Cherry trees in the car park and concluded that it was a sign that it was almost autumn. We found some Beech mast on the floor and Izzy crept up behind me to throw grass seeds on my back. In the garden, we listened to the Collared Doves cooing to each other on the neighbour’s chimney pots and practised cooing ourselves.DSC_0588

Total wild time – about 1 hour in total