13th January 2017 – Welly walk and unexpected deer

IMG_0043I accompanied Izzy’s class for a chilly welly walk to a muddy field next to the river. Izzy, having refused point blank to wear gloves, hat, scarf, or woolly socks, was freezing and miserable by the time we returned to the school.

Later in the day, I had a brain wave and decided that after school, we would go to Seaton, buy hand warmers and take the dog for a walk on the beach at Beer, before heading to Peco for soft play. On the way to Seaton, I pointed out a Roe Deer in a field near the wetlands. The hiking/outdoor shop didn’t stock hand warmers (obviously!) so we set off for Beer without them. The road was shut though, so we took a diversion. By this time it was getting late and the sun was starting to set. We were excited when we spotted a little bit of snow on the ground and even more excited when three Roe Deer ran in front of the car, one after the other, giving us a lovely close-up view, before vanishing back into the woods. It was almost dark by the time we got to Beer, so instead of getting the kids out and kitted up, B jumped out and gave the dog a quick blast on the beach, whilst we stayed in the car, watching the sun set. E didn’t get his wild time, but he didn’t mind, as he got to go to soft play instead.

Total wild time – Izzy – 1 hour, E – 0 mins

30th November 2016 – Frost and Ice

IMG_20161130_131743196 IMG_20161130_130342959 IMG_20161130_130359645

We woke to a frosty morning and on the school run, made footprints in the grass. It was still frosty after lunch, when E and I took the dog out. We stamped on icy puddles, but only a few metres from the field gate, E found a patch of mud, where he spent a long time digging with a stick and drawing ‘tractor wheels’. I threw a stick for Bramble and let him do his thing, until told me that he needed his potty and we had to head home.

Total wild time – 50 mins (E), Izzy 0 mins

25th November 2016 – Muddy Welly Walk

I joined Izzy’s class for a welly walk to the field by Chantry Bridge, where the children found the biggest, muddiest puddle they could and jumped in it. A couple of children fell in, one lost their welly and some of the adults weren’t wearing appropriate footwear, but it was all good fun.

Total wild time – about 1 hour (Izzy), 0 mins (E)

6th September 2016 – Mud slinging

IMG_20160906_152924881 IMG_20160906_153308954

Izzy was tired and grumpy after her second morning of school, but she seemed to know that a walk was just what she needed and didn’t complain when I suggested it. We went to the playground, pottered around the green collecting conkers, then walked along the river. I had the bright idea of setting conker cases afloat as fairy boats, but whilst my back was momentarily turned, Izzy managed to push E into a cowpat and we had to wash his hands in the river. Then, once the boats were safely on their way, Izzy started scooping mud up in her hands and flinging it at me. My trousers were soon covered in mud and she was laughing hysterically. When I decided that it was time we all headed home for a hot bath with plenty of soap, she suddenly realised that her socks were wet, her wellies were rubbing and a meltdown was imminent. I let her sit in the bottom of the buggy all the way home and then sent them straight up for a bath.

Total wild time – 1 hour 20 mins

15th June 2016 – Puddle jumping


We did a bit of good ol’ fashioned puddle-jumping today. We went to watch the patterns made on the surface of the river by the rain. Izzy wanted to stomp around in the sticky, stinky mud on the river beach and from there we spotted dozens of fish fry in the water. E freaked out a bit when his boot came off in the mud and his trouser leg got soaked, but Izzy had no qualms about getting muddy.

Total wild time: 45 mins