2nd March 2017 – Lunch in the garden and beach walk

IMG_0219It was a gorgeous, sunny morning, so E and I ate our lunch in the garden, noticing the buds growing on the apple trees and a pair of Jackdaws sliding down the thatched roof of the house opposite.

After school, we dragged a reluctant Izzy out to the beach for a dog walk. The waves were crashing against the pebbles, as we practised Parkrun, by jogging along the promenade. We took the steep steps up the cliff to walk back through the park, then kept Izzy happy by buying her a drink and a Kitkat in Coast cafe.

Total wild time – just over 1 hour

17th – 23rd February 2017 – A hellish week

This was a hellish week. Izzy passed her cold on to me (and my mum), then B had to go into hospital for a minor operation and afterwards stayed in bed, recovering, whilst I tried to keep everybody alive for the next week. I managed to take E and Bramble out for some walks around Colyton and we spent some time enjoying the garden, but mostly we watched films and left the house as little as possible.

Total wild time – barely any

IMG_0184 IMG_0182 IMG_0180

16th January 2017 – A nice cup of tea in the garden

E fell asleep in the buggy, so he missed most of the dog walk today. I made the most of his nap and had a lovely cup of tea in the garden, which was almost warm in the sunshine. There were Starlings checking out their old nest site under the roof of the house and Jackdaws on the chimney.

Whilst Izzy was at Zumba, I took E to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandad and he had fun playing football in the garden, where he found lots of lovely Daisies in the lawn.

Later, E and I watched a Brown Rat sitting on top of our recycling bin, but it disappeared into the log store, before Izzy had a chance to see it.

Total wild time – about 30 mins (E), Izzy 0 mins

21st October 2016 – Garden spiders

IMG_20161021_142303635_HDRWhilst Izzy was at school and E was asleep, minded by B, I went to explore some new footpaths with the dog. I returned home hot and sweaty and stressed, after my dog was nipped by a farm dog, then vanished into the distance chasing pheasants, then, when she eventually returned, we were both chased by cows.

Later, E and I pottered around the garden looking at spiders and their webs and I saw the results of Izzy’s school welly walk when I went to collect her – they had collected natural objects, then used watercolours to match the colours they had found.

Total wild time: E – 15 mins, Izzy – 1 hour

16th September 2016 – Farmyard sensory play

IMG_20160916_143919742We are still settling into our new school routine, so didn’t manage to do anything wild today, but we did play in the garden for a while. I made a sensory farmyard play tray, using chocolate mousse ‘mud’, shredded wheat ‘bales’, blue water ‘pond’ and some herbs. The farm animals got thoroughly mucky, then were washed in a bowl of soapy water and another bowl of clean water. E washed himself and the porch and they both were completely absorbed in the activity for a long time.

Total wild time – about 40 mins