19th May 2017 – Thelma Hulbert Gallery Garden Party

IMG_0483After school and an early dinner, we headed out to Honiton to the Thelma Hulbert Art Gallery Garden Party. There, we had a lovely time making bird feeders out of willow and pom-poms using a fork. There was an exhibition of knitted scenes and some lovely music. The kids had a great time racing around in the garden and rolling down the hummocks. They were sad to leave, but we needed to head back for bed time.

Total wild time – 1 hour

15th April 2017 – Alice in Wonderland at Forde Abbey

IMG_0350 IMG_0345 IMG_0343

We had a lovely morning at Forde Abbey, where the gardens were filled with tens of thousands of tulips, orchids and singing Song Thrushes, as well as people dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. We followed the trail, found the clues and the kids were duly rewarded with chocolate eggs. Whilst we were searching we found a beautiful Oil Beetle crawling about in the grass. I bought a Wisteria from the nursery and once home, I planted it. Hopefully it will grow and make our house look beautiful for years to come.

Total wild time – 2 hours

13th April 2017 – Tulips


In the morning we visited my grandparents and the kids raced around their garden for a while, before going home to watch E’s new Tractor Ted in the Summertime DVD. Then, we went to my parents’ house and the kids picked some of Grandmum’s tulips to bring home. Grandad found an egg (probably Wood Pigeon) in the garden.

Total wild time – about 1 hour in total

10th April 2017 – Garden experiments

We spent the morning doing experiments in the garden. We made a volcano by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in a bottle, which the kids loved. We also tested whether water in a glass warmed up more quickly on white paper or black paper. I was most surprised to see how much water was produced by leaves in a cling-filmed bowl in the sunshine.

Total wild time – about 1 hour

8th April 2017 – Harvest Mice, Kestrels and Sandcastles

IMG_0325We started the day at Seaton Wetlands, where the kids scooted and biked to the Discovery Hut. We had come to see the captive Harvest Mice and the Kestrel nest box cam. Afterwards, we drove to Lyme Regis, where we played on the sandy beach. Izzy delighted in digging a ‘Daddy pit’, which we covered with a towel and encouraged B to sit on. We paddled in the sea, where, weirdly, a goose was hanging about. Then, we built a course for some golf-balls, like a giant marble run, before E trashed it with a toy digger.

There was then a lot of whingeing and so we set off for home, where the kids changed out of their wet, sandy clothes, before going to Grandmum and Grandad’s house, where Izzy made a butterfly out of Hazel twigs and they both did pastel drawings. We found zillions of Slow-worms under some roofing felt in the garden.IMG_0329

Total wild time – about 4 hours

22nd March 2017 – Frog!

IMG_0272E and I made the most of the intermittent sunshine, playing out in the garden. He played with his sand and fire engine, whilst I got the cushions out and lay in the sun. We ate our sweet potato pancakes outdoors, then E played on my phone, whilst I did some planting. It was then that I noticed the Frog amongst the flowers. I caught it gently in my gloves to show E, then put it in a safe place, knowing that my dog likes to chase it if she sees it. I wasn’t sure whether to rehome it or not, as our garden is surrounded by a wall. There is a gap under the gate it could escape through, but only if it finds it. One day, we hope to have a pond, but that won’t be for a while.

Total wild time – E – a few hours, Izzy – 0 mins