5th March 2017 – Aborted wild time

All our plans for wild time went out the window today due to the horrible weather. Izzy should have been pony riding, but there was a storm and she was still suffering with a cough, so we cancelled that. And we planned to take some things over to the allotment, but the wind was so strong, we decided that it was just too dangerous. The poor old dog didn’t even get a walk.

Total wild time – 0 mins

17th – 23rd February 2017 – A hellish week

This was a hellish week. Izzy passed her cold on to me (and my mum), then B had to go into hospital for a minor operation and afterwards stayed in bed, recovering, whilst I tried to keep everybody alive for the next week. I managed to take E and Bramble out for some walks around Colyton and we spent some time enjoying the garden, but mostly we watched films and left the house as little as possible.

Total wild time – barely any

IMG_0184 IMG_0182 IMG_0180