27th May 2017 – Allotment

We took the kids to the allotment with that total disillusionment we always have, which is that they will behave themselves and happily play as we garden. What actually happened was E stood all over my tiny beetroot plants, almost knocked B out with a hoe, messed about with bamboo canes despite being repeatedly told to put them down and generally made it impossible to do anything. At one point, a farm cat walked past with a baby Rabbit in its mouth. We picked some Broad Beans and Elderflowers and later, E really enjoyed helping me to pod the beans. Despite this, neither child would eat the Broad Bean fritters I made for dinner.

Total wild time – about 1 hour 30 mins

14th June 2016 – Rain bugs

Izzy wanted to go bug hunting in the garden again today, so I let her and E loose with collecting jars and magnifying glasses. The highlight of the search was a Seven-spot Ladybird. The hunt turned into a rain dance and then descended into fighting over the pink, unicorn-adorned umbrella.

Later, whilst walking the dog, I picked a few elderflowers (not ideal weather for it, but hey ho) and for pudding we had Elderflower Scotch Pancakes (from a recipe in the Forager’s Kitchen), which B, E and I loved, but Izzy didn’t like (but then, she doesn’t really like any food unless it is in ice-cream form).

Total wild time: 1 hour 15 mins