5th June 2016 – Trill Farm Open Sunday

I may be cheating here – Trill Farm isn’t exactly ‘wild’, but it is in the heart of the countryside and the whole ethos is one of environmental sustainability, so wildlife is abundant. We visited on Open Farm Sunday and enjoyed a guided walk to see the cattle and sheep, as well as a tour of the market garden. We had a lovely time, although the heat got to Izzy in the end and she did a considerable amount of whingeing. E wore himself out racing around and was asleep in my arms before we reached the car. We left feeling inspired and as it is only a short drive away, I’m sure we’ll be regular visitors in the future.

Total wild time: 3 hours 30 minutes


3rd June 2016 – Prescott Pinetum

DSC_0305I took the whole family to explore the very jungly Prescott Pinetum in Uplyme, today. We wandered around, examining the roots of fallen trees and balancing along bouncy branches, admiring the tall conifers and the impressive girth of an enormous Redwood tree. Izzy made a collection of interesting finds – multi-coloured leaves, pine cones and sticks. E made friends with some dog walkers and enjoyed poking around a Badger latrine.

I was quite impressed when Izzy correctly identified a number of plants and the call of a Buzzard. It’s gratifying to know that she does listen to some of the stuff I tell her. She then decided to become a tour guide and gave us quite a lecture on natural history. When I pointed out that the fern she was looking at was more accurately called Hard Fern, she told me in no uncertain terms that she was doing the talking and not me. It is possibly the perfect future career for her (except that, if you ask her, she says that she wants to be a ‘Fairy Hunter’/teacher).

Total wild time: 1 hour 10 mins

DSC_0293 DSC_0284