20th October 2016 – Fish and Chip night


It was pretty cold today, so my family took some convincing that it would be fine to eat fish and chips on the beach. Eventually, they agreed, with the caveat that we would retreat indoors after 5 minutes if it became uncomfortably cold. In the end, of course, the chips kept us warm enough to eat sitting on the beach wall overlooking Lyme Regis harbour. Afterwards, we ran down to the sea and within seconds, both children had wet feet. We noticed the Limpets and Barnacles stuck to the beach defence wall and the kids enjoyed climbing over the sandcastles and down into the holes left behind by other children.

On the drive home, the sun set in a stunning orange sky and a small murmuration of Starlings swooped over the marshes.

Total wild time – 1 hour

15th September 2016 – East Cliff Beach

IMG_2134 IMG_2136 IMG_2151We had a great afternoon on East Cliff Beach, between Lyme Regis and Charmouth. We skipped down the 114 steps, past some sculptures, patches of Bristly Ox-tongue and a couple of  Clouded Yellow Butterflies. There were some great rock pools to potter around in and we saw several crabs and little fishes. Izzy slipped rather dramatically on the green algae and ended up with her feet in the air. Undeterred, she continued to jump from rock to rock. We arrived at the beach at the same time as a load of students, who looked very busy with tape measures and clipboards. Skirting around them and the jagged bits of metal, which have apparently come from a tip exposed by the eroding cliffs, we found a boulder on which to unload our stuff. From there, we searched for fossils (yet again the best one, a tiny shell, was found by E), collected sea glass and paddled in the sea. I tried to make a picture of a dragon with the sea glass, but it was hijacked by Izzy, who turned it into a fish. We took a photo, before it was covered by the incoming tide, then we changed E’s soggy trousers and socks, before climbing the 114 steps back to the car park.

We had thought the kids would be worn out, but apparently not – Izzy serenaded us with Christmas songs all the way home.

Total wild time – 2 hours

14th July 2016 – Lyme Regis beach life

DSC_0519It felt like a paddle-in-the-sea kind of a day, so we popped down to Lyme Regis, parked in the town and wandered down to the beach via the colourful gardens, where the kids took the opportunity to roll down the grassy slopes and chase the seagulls. On the sand, they forgot sibling rivalries for a few moments to bury B together, then we made Izzy a mermaid tail. We dipped our toes in the sea, admired the boats in the harbour and played frisbee. It was a clear evening and we could see along the coast to Golden Cap and Ridge Cliff, where we had flown a kite the other week. The kids were in a great mood all the way home, even though it was past dinner time and they were hungry (although obviously there was an unscheduled wee stop, because there always is). The fresh air and exercise had obviously had the desired effect and hopefully they will sleep well tonight.

DSC_0505DSC_0507DSC_0510Total wild time: About 1 hour 30 mins

30th June 2016 – Flying a kite

DSC_0431We decided to explore somewhere new for the final day of #30dayswild, so we picked Izzy up from preschool and headed straight to Seatown. When we got out of the car, it was blowing a gale and the waves were crashing against the pebbly beach. Kite in tow and keeping the kids very close, we followed the path along the the clifftops at Ridge Cliff, which were adorned with Thrift and Birds-foot-trefoil. DSC_0428Once everybody had been untangled from the kite’s ridiculously long tail ribbons, Izzy manaed to get it into the air and we made slow progress up the hill, with the kite crashing into the grass every few seconds.

On the other side, we found a sheltered spot to sit and admire the amazing view. I’m sure we could see right the way to Portland Bill. Looking inland, Izzy was confused by the sight of a rippling field of Barley, which she thought looked like a river. A charm of Goldfinch descended onto the thistles behind us, whilst Swallows swooped low over the grass and a steady stream of ramblers with spaniels passed by. The kids took some photos with my camera, devoured some oatcakes, then we all ran back down the hill, giggling, our arms held out like aeroplanes.

We went for a drink at The Anchor Inn and sat outside on the terrace, watching the seagulls riding the wind, a Pied Wagtail on the roof and in the distance, a couple of Rabbits chasing each other around a field. Then, we played Pooh Sticks from the bridge over the stream and the wind was so strong, they floated the wrong way, up-stream. As we left, Golden Cap was lost to cloud and the mist rolled in for our journey home.DSC_0419DSC_0418

Total Wild Time: 2 hours 10 min