21st March 2017 – Spring walk

IMG_0270E and I went for a walk with Bramble along the River Coly. E was keen to release my hand and race through the field. The Wild Garlic was out in leaf and there were plenty of birds singing. There were loads of other dog-walkers around and then, on the way back, we bumped into a huge group of ramblers.

Later, we went to my parents for dinner and storm-watched from their garden-room, which has a great view over Colyton. Afterwards, we walked back in the almost-dark.

Total wild time – about 1 hour

20th March 2017 – Muddy puddles

E was an absolute star today and walked for our entire dog walk, giving me hope that we will be able to ditch the buggy soon. We got drenched in a heavy shower, but he didn’t seem to mind. When we got to a muddy bit, he said “Just like my book!” and I knew he meant “We’re going on a bear hunt”, so we ‘Squelch squerched” our way through it. He wanted to throw stones in the river and was excited to see the ducks swimming towards him.


Total wild time – about 30 mins

14th March 2017 – Dog walk

E and I took Bramble for a walk around Colyton, with E pointing in the direction that he wanted the buggy to go. The resident Heron gave us a fly-by and we saw a couple of tractors, which made E’s day. The smell of freshly cut-grass in the churchyard cheered me up on a grey day.

Total wild time – 30 mins

16th November 2016 – An unpleasant dog walk

IMG_20161116_135943315_HDRToday’s wild time was a bit of a disaster. I took E and the dog out for a walk by the river and seeing the field gate was open and no livestock around, I let the dog off the lead. Seconds later, she disappeared and I realised that she had found a field with some sheep. Swearing under my breath, I called her back and she came, so we continued our walk along the river. We splashed in the shallows, discovered some molehills and E was having a lovely time, but the sheeps’ owner came out to find us. I apologised profusely, explained that I had not realised there were sheep there and assured her it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, though, that was not good enough and the woman continued to give me a bollocking. She eventually huffed off and we made our way back home, feeling stressed and upset.

Total wild time – 1 hour (E), Izzy (0)IMG_20161116_140503837

9th October 2016 – Stockland

We can see Stockland TV mast from our bedroom window, especially at night, when it shows as a line of red lights. So, this morning, we decided to go for a drive to find it. We stopped in a nearby lay-by to admire it (admittedly not the most exciting local landmark, but the kids were still fascinated), then after driving around rather aimlessly, we parked and took the dog for a random walk along some random footpaths. We did find an abandoned summer Dormouse nest in a recently trimmed hedgerow and some puddles to jump in. I tried to teach Izzy the basics of map-reading and told her not to throw stones iIMG_20161009_134817017n her own eyes (she was testing the protective powers of her sunglasses).

Afterwards, we went to the playground and after lunch, whilst E napped, Izzy and I planted broad beans on the allotment and I weeded, whilst she gave some worms a tour of the veg beds. Later, we took the kids out on their bikes and Izzy practised riding her bike whilst standing on the saddle.

Total wild time – The walk was 45 mins

25th September 2016 – Beach walk

IMG_20160925_150420359_HDRIt was really noisy on the beach today with the waves crashing and dragging pebbles back into the sea. The dog chased bits of kelp that were carried by the wind, whilst E struck bits of driftwood together and Izzy collected ‘singing stones’.

Total wild time – 1 hour (I think, but can’t actually remember what time we arrived!)

23rd June 2016 – Walking the dog

IMG_20160623_134309246Izzy went on her weekly pre-school welly walk (and came home sockless after getting wet feet catching fish in the river), so I just took E out to walk the dog. I made an effort to slow down and enjoy the sound of the breeze in the trees, to notice the pattern the leaves made overhead and to smell the Honeysuckle. As usual, E took it all in, wanting to smell every flower we passed.

Total wild time: 55 mins