11th February 2017 – Playground

IMG_0135We were excited to wake up to falling snow, but sadly it didn’t settle. t took the kids to the newly refurbished playground at Road Green and they had a lovely time, until they got cold, which made walking home a challenge! Izzy had a horrible cough, so we decided that it was a good idea to spend the rest of the day recuperating at home.

Total wild time – 0 mins

4th January 2017 – New Year Plant Hunt

IMG_0026 IMG_0025

It was a big day today – E’s first morning at nursery school. He went in and started playing without a backward glance, but we had a phone call less than 2 hours later to say that he was upset, so I went to pick him up. He had clearly had a lovely time though and was on a high afterwards. Izzy was back at school, too, so wild time had to be fitted in between pick-up and dusk.

I managed to convince Izzy that the BSBI New Year’s Plant Hunt was just like Pokemon Go, but with flowering plants instead of monsters and so we went for a walk around Colyton’s picnic site and community woodland, recording any flowering plants we found using the BSBI app. We found a grand total of 3 species – Daisy being the most abundant, but also a single Dandelion and Annual Meadow-grass plant. I added these to the list of plants I recorded slightly earlier – Ivy-leaved toadflax, Hairy Bittercress and Groundsel. There may not have been many flowers to record, but the weather was mild, the sky turning pink and the kids had a lovely time pottering around. Izzy found a worm, which she relocated to a new home and a sprig of Ivy, which she thought was beautiful. E found a stick, which he used to bash things.

Total wild time – 55 mins

27th December 2016 – Allotment

Izzy has a shocking cough, so whilst she and B had a duvet day, I took E to the allotment for a spot of weeding. Despite having to repeatedly tell him to stop standing on the Broad Bean plants, he seemed to enjoy doing a bit of digging and finding worms. He ended up thoroughly muddy and a bit tired and although I didn’t achieve very much, it was nice to get out on the plot for a bit.

Total wild time – about 1 hour (E), Izzy (0)

1st December 2016 – Six months of Kids in the wild

IMG_20161201_132156662Today marks the half way point of Kids in the wild. Sadly, we didn’t do anything special to celebrate, but the fog was thick and atmospheric when I took E and B out for a walk. We stopped to take a closer look at frozen spider webs, as well as to watch Rooks poking around in the fields. The churchyard was absolutely full of Blackbirds, feasting on berries.

I am proud to have blogged daily for 6 months and it has been great to get out and about more than we would have done otherwise. The challenge is definitely harder now that Izzy is at school and the days are short, cold and dark, but we will keep trying and I intend to keep blogging for another 6 months!

Total wild time – about 1 hour (E), Izzy (0) IMG_20161201_090442560

22nd November 2016 – A flock of Fieldfares

IMG_20161122_105314074This morning, at toddler group, E was fascinated by the huge number of gulls on the flooded playing field. Later, E and I took Bramble for a walk around the lanes. He remembered where the Badger runs were (although he did point to them and say ‘Hedgehog’). We saw a squirrel in an oak tree and then a flock of Fieldfare flew overhead.

Total wild time – 55 mins (E)