22nd October 2016 – Outdoorsy day

IMG_20161022_104715489_HDRWe had a lovely outdoorsy kind of a day today, starting with a pony ride on Cracker and ending with time on the allotment, sowing our packet of free GrowWild wildflower seeds, digging up weeds, falling in nettles (Izzy) and picking flowers from Grandmum’s garden to brighten up our house.

Total wild time – 2 hours 40 mins


9th October 2016 – Stockland

We can see Stockland TV mast from our bedroom window, especially at night, when it shows as a line of red lights. So, this morning, we decided to go for a drive to find it. We stopped in a nearby lay-by to admire it (admittedly not the most exciting local landmark, but the kids were still fascinated), then after driving around rather aimlessly, we parked and took the dog for a random walk along some random footpaths. We did find an abandoned summer Dormouse nest in a recently trimmed hedgerow and some puddles to jump in. I tried to teach Izzy the basics of map-reading and told her not to throw stones iIMG_20161009_134817017n her own eyes (she was testing the protective powers of her sunglasses).

Afterwards, we went to the playground and after lunch, whilst E napped, Izzy and I planted broad beans on the allotment and I weeded, whilst she gave some worms a tour of the veg beds. Later, we took the kids out on their bikes and Izzy practised riding her bike whilst standing on the saddle.

Total wild time – The walk was 45 mins

24th September 2016 – Allotment gardening

The whole family helped out on the allotment this morning and the experience was much better than the last time we tried, thanks to Ethan being that much older and less of a liability. The kids helped to pick out the weeds from the raked soil and enjoyed finding Beetles and other beasties. Izzy made a worm school and was convinced they were eating the leaves she provided and were growing before her eyes. B’s knee was giving him gyp, so he gave up digging fairly quickly, but the plot is very slowly starting to look more like a veg patch and less like a jungle, so I was happy. We picked some rather pathetic sweetcorn, (which were nevertheless delicious) and a mooli, which I have no idea what to do with, scrumped some apples from my parent’s tree and went home for lunch.

Total wild time – 1 hour 30 mins