27th May 2017 – Allotment

We took the kids to the allotment with that total disillusionment we always have, which is that they will behave themselves and happily play as we garden. What actually happened was E stood all over my tiny beetroot plants, almost knocked B out with a hoe, messed about with bamboo canes despite being repeatedly told to put them down and generally made it impossible to do anything. At one point, a farm cat walked past with a baby Rabbit in its mouth. We picked some Broad Beans and Elderflowers and later, E really enjoyed helping me to pod the beans. Despite this, neither child would eat the Broad Bean fritters I made for dinner.

Total wild time – about 1 hour 30 mins

24th May 2017 – A muggy allotment day

I spent about 5 hours on the allotment, getting hot and bothered and sunburnt. The Broad Beans are doing well and I picked some Elderflowers, but my best harvest was of Horsetail, which I will use to make a hair rinse. B looked after E, who was exhausted after a nursery trip to the firestation.

Total wild time – 0 mins

12th May 2017 – My birthday

It was my birthday and so B and I went for a lovely bike ride to Seaton in the evening for dinner, through the wetlands, where we saw lots of Rabbits.

Earlier in the day, B took E to the allotment with some visiting friends and Izzy went on a welly walk down to the field by the river with her class.

Total wild time – about 1 hour

13th February 2017 – Painted a shed

IMG_0138B’s birthday! He didn’t have a very exciting day, but his meeting was cancelled, so we all went to the allotment and painted the shed. Izzy was very whingey, but eventually donned an old t-shirt of B’s and joined in. A Sparrowhawk passed overhead, alarming the hedgerow birds and evidence of its previous handiwork was scattered all over the allotment.

Total wild time – about 1 hour


28th January 2017 – Pony ride

IMG_0083 IMG_0085

In the morning, we hung our ice decorations in the garden (they had to be put in the freezer as the weather was so mild!), then I looked after the kids, whilst B erected the new shed on the allotment. We wandered past the swollen River Coly, to the cafe, then back again.

After lunch, I took Izzy for a pony ride and spotted a rainbow.

Total wild time – E about 30 mins, Izzy about 1 hour 50 mins

7th January 2017 – Weeding

It is an exciting times in our family, as B launches his new project – Growing Beer. As part of this, he is trying to sort out the allotment as quickly as possible, so we all went up to the plot and whilst the kids and I did some weeding in the veg bed, B cleared rubbish from another part. The kids were quickly bored and fed up, but moods were lightened by the finding of a contender for the world’s longest worm.

Total wild time – over 1 hour

27th December 2016 – Allotment

Izzy has a shocking cough, so whilst she and B had a duvet day, I took E to the allotment for a spot of weeding. Despite having to repeatedly tell him to stop standing on the Broad Bean plants, he seemed to enjoy doing a bit of digging and finding worms. He ended up thoroughly muddy and a bit tired and although I didn’t achieve very much, it was nice to get out on the plot for a bit.

Total wild time – about 1 hour (E), Izzy (0)