12th May 2017 – My birthday

It was my birthday and so B and I went for a lovely bike ride to Seaton in the evening for dinner, through the wetlands, where we saw lots of Rabbits.

Earlier in the day, B took E to the allotment with some visiting friends and Izzy went on a welly walk down to the field by the river with her class.

Total wild time – about 1 hour

11th May 2017 – Wild Herbs


DSC_0157 DSC_0188
I had an exciting day, foraging for wild herbs to supply my new business (watch this space!) at my friends’ farm. I had a lovely time exploring, discovering some gorgeous old trees and spotting a Roe Deer. The kids didn’t have any wild time though.

Total wild time – 0 mins

8th May 2017 – A birdy day

E and I spent most of the day in the garden, but we popped out for a walk around Colyton with Bramble. There were Swifts screaming overhead, House Martins building new mud homes and Swallows wheeling about, making it feel summery. We passed a Heron on the river and noticed several fish in the water. As E played on the slide, a Sparrowhawk dashed past, being chased by little birds. It was then mobbed by a seagull and afterwards, by a Crow, before eventually being driven out of sight.

Later, when Izzy was at zumba, we went to Borrow Pit to watch a Mute Swan reaching its long neck to the bottom of the pond and pulling out strings of weed. We also visited the bird hide overlooking the estuary, where a kind man told me not to shush E (who has verbal diarrhoea and a total inability to whisper), happy that he was ‘starting young’ with birdwatching. There weren’t many birds to see, but E was excited about seeing another Heron and a couple of Egrets.

Total wild time – E at least 1 hour, Izzy 0 mins


5th May 2017 – Kilmington science club

IMG_0437Whilst Izzy spent the day at the wetlands with her class, E and I went to Grandmum and Grandad’s, where a pair of Collared Doves are nesting under the roof of their as yet unbuilt verandah. Then, we went to the allotment to do some weeding, before heading home for lunch. Later, we checked out a new local mother and toddler group, which had a science theme –  and today’s session was all about bug-hunting. E was fascinated by the microscope and using tweezers to pick up plastic insects. Then, we went outside and used a sweep net to catch flies and grasshoppers. We made a spider’s web out of wool (although E decided to take the wool and race across the playing field with it), before a stint in the playground.

In the evening, we went to Seaton Eats Boutique and ate pork buns and pizzas whilst watching the sea and pretending it was warm enough!

Total wild time – Izzy about 7 hours, E about 3 hours