About the challenge

You should sit in nature for 20 minutes every day, unless you are busy – then you should sit for an hour

13179205_10156867838415007_5161251361186067801_nThe above quote is supposedly an old Zen proverb, but I’m not sure it is, actually – I think it is an adaptation of an old Zen proverb, originally about meditation. In any case, it is probably true. Nature is good for kids. Nature Deficit Disorder is a real thing. I want my kids to feel comfortable playing outside, to know the names of trees and insects and to value them. I want them to grow up healthy and adventurous. Above all, I want us all to enjoy ourselves in the great outdoors. I was inspired by The Wild Network’s call to arms to swap screen time for wild time and have challenged myself to get my kids, I (4) and E (1) outdoors for an hour every day. I’ve started in the summer, because it feels a bit less daunting, but, seriously, how hard can it be?!

Follow our daily progress and please get in touch to share your wild time stories with me.