7th December 2016 – Shute Hill Beacon

IMG_20161207_105539554_HDRI pointed out 2 Roe Deer in a field to E as we drove towards Shute Hill. We had a lovely walk through the peaceful conifer plantation and into the lighter deciduous woodland on top of the hill. We examined different types of cones and moss and counted the rings of recently felledtrees. We came across the little Beacon House and would have gazed out at the view, if it hadn’t been so misty. We did see and hear some Goldcrests in the canopy, though, and on the way back to the car, we looked up to see why the Magpies were making such a fuss and a Raven flew overhead, cronking.  IMG_20161207_105551188_HDR

Later, we went to Colyton Christmas Fayre and Izzy made a pinecone fairy decoration.

Total wild time – 45 mins (E), Izzy (15 minutesIMG_20161207_105934107IMG_20161207_103943273IMG_20161207_105155540

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