21st November 2016 – Floods

It was a disappointing kind of a day. A friend who was going to come over for a cuppa cancelled due to a poorly child, then my mum cancelled coming over because she was flooded in, which meant that zumba was cancelled, too. Then school closed and I had to pick up Izzy early. She didn’t fancy going for a walk, but Bramble hadn’t had a walk yet, so I dragged her and E out in their wellies.  Several houses had sand bags outside their doors and water had forced open the drain cover on the main road.We stamped through puddles down to the river, where there was quite a crowd watching the flood water racing past. The rivers Coly and Umborne had merged to become one and the fields in-between were drowned under brown water. We were forced home when the heavens opened yet again.IMG_20161121_152001581_HDR

Total wild time – about 30 mins

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