16th November 2016 – An unpleasant dog walk

IMG_20161116_135943315_HDRToday’s wild time was a bit of a disaster. I took E and the dog out for a walk by the river and seeing the field gate was open and no livestock around, I let the dog off the lead. Seconds later, she disappeared and I realised that she had found a field with some sheep. Swearing under my breath, I called her back and she came, so we continued our walk along the river. We splashed in the shallows, discovered some molehills and E was having a lovely time, but the sheeps’ owner came out to find us. I apologised profusely, explained that I had not realised there were sheep there and assured her it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, though, that was not good enough and the woman continued to give me a bollocking. She eventually huffed off and we made our way back home, feeling stressed and upset.

Total wild time – 1 hour (E), Izzy (0)IMG_20161116_140503837

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