4th November 2016 – Autumn beach walk

IMG_20161104_163257925 IMG_20161104_163845936_HDR

We had quite a good day today, with Izzy making a witch’s broom on a rainy school welly walk and E playing sand pits in the rain in a friend’s garden.

Then, after school, we had a lovely dog walk on the beach as the sun was setting. Izzy has the school teddy for the weekend, so Mr Bugby came, too. We walked towards the estuary mouth and were amazed by the hundreds, if not thousands of waterbirds (more than 114 anyway, according to Izzy) flying out to sea. E found a bit of metal, which made him happy and Bramble, the dog, managed to run through a load of Burdocks and came out covered with seeds, which took an age to remove at home.

Total wild time – 55 mins

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