9th October 2016 – Stockland

We can see Stockland TV mast from our bedroom window, especially at night, when it shows as a line of red lights. So, this morning, we decided to go for a drive to find it. We stopped in a nearby lay-by to admire it (admittedly not the most exciting local landmark, but the kids were still fascinated), then after driving around rather aimlessly, we parked and took the dog for a random walk along some random footpaths. We did find an abandoned summer Dormouse nest in a recently trimmed hedgerow and some puddles to jump in. I tried to teach Izzy the basics of map-reading and told her not to throw stones iIMG_20161009_134817017n her own eyes (she was testing the protective powers of her sunglasses).

Afterwards, we went to the playground and after lunch, whilst E napped, Izzy and I planted broad beans on the allotment and I weeded, whilst she gave some worms a tour of the veg beds. Later, we took the kids out on their bikes and Izzy practised riding her bike whilst standing on the saddle.

Total wild time – The walk was 45 mins

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