1st October 2016 – Stormy weather

There was a massive thunder storm last night, which would have woken me up if I hadn’t already been suffering with insomnia. The rain continued to pour all day and with all of us full of cold, I didn’t fancy getting soaked. But, the kids were getting cabin fever, so I took advantage of a break in the rain, to put them in the car and drive to the playground. As we arrived, it started tipping down again. We waited for the worst to pass, then donned coats and headed to the playground, football in hand. We played for a while and the kids got thoroughly wet on the slides. We noticed the gulls and Cormorants flying overhead and that the cows were all lying down in the rain. When the heavens opened again, we ran for the car and as we pulled up at home, a rainbow appeared, apparently ending on our chimney.

Total wild time – 30 mins (not exactly wild, but outdoors at least)

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