7th June 2016 – Foraging for Elderflowers

IMG_20160608_142556285We didn’t have a particularly successful wild time today – we foraged for Elderflowers with the intention of making sorbet for pudding (from the recipe in The Hedgerow Handbook), but the recipe involved boiling sugar syrup, so the kids couldn’t really get involved in making it. Then the the ice-cream maker didn’t work properly and several hours later, the sorbet is still in liquid form. The kids weren’t happy that they had to go to bed without it. Hopefully, I will be able to provide an update tomorrow and report that it was delicious….

Total Wild Time: 45 minutes

Update! The sorbet did freeze eventually, but the kids didn’t like it anyway. It is a strong flavour and a bit overpowering to be honest – better used diluted with water to make ice-cold cordial!

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