17th September 2016 – River Cottage Festival Day 1

The weather was lovely again for Izzy’s morning pony ride. We saw a group of 5 Magpies and I taught her the rhyme. B and E took the dog for a walk whilst we were out.

Dashing home, we wolfed down lunch and headed straight out to the River Cottage Festival, which was held in a stunning location. There, we found loads of fun things to do – drumming workshops, circus skills, giant bubbles (E’s favourite) and on the wilder side, mask colouring at the Devon Wildlife Trust stand, as well as exploring the kitchen garden and watching the Bumblebees enjoying the Globe Artichoke flowers. Izzy and B also took part in a bushcraft session, which involved lighting a fire with a flint and toasting marshmallows over it. We were so busy, we barely watched any music, except the samba band whilst we tucked into delicious curry and pizza. The sunset was absolutely stunning, as we walked back up the steps to wait for the bus.


Total wild time – 8.5 hours

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