6th September 2016 – Mud slinging

IMG_20160906_152924881 IMG_20160906_153308954

Izzy was tired and grumpy after her second morning of school, but she seemed to know that a walk was just what she needed and didn’t complain when I suggested it. We went to the playground, pottered around the green collecting conkers, then walked along the river. I had the bright idea of setting conker cases afloat as fairy boats, but whilst my back was momentarily turned, Izzy managed to push E into a cowpat and we had to wash his hands in the river. Then, once the boats were safely on their way, Izzy started scooping mud up in her hands and flinging it at me. My trousers were soon covered in mud and she was laughing hysterically. When I decided that it was time we all headed home for a hot bath with plenty of soap, she suddenly realised that her socks were wet, her wellies were rubbing and a meltdown was imminent. I let her sit in the bottom of the buggy all the way home and then sent them straight up for a bath.

Total wild time – 1 hour 20 mins

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