3rd August 2016 – Blackberrying

I managed to get out of the house on my own and join a Legacy to Landscape event, run in conjunction with The Species Recovery Trust, which involved a search for the rare plant Heath Lobelia. We visited a ‘wild’ garden in Shute, where there were about 80 plants growing in a lovely meadow, then searched a nearby field, but failed to find any more.

IMG_20160803_172335729When I got home, it was a struggle to get Izzy out of the door, but, as expected, she really enjoyed herself once out. Juggling both kids, plastic tubs and the dog was a bit of a mission, but we walked towards the Blackberry bushes found earlier in the week, noticing ant nests and a Hornet, as well as numerous butterflies, including plenty of Red Admirals. The Blackberry bushes were growing over a wall and are, I suspect, an escaped garden cultivar, which explains why they are fruiting now, whilst most other bushes still have unripe green fruits. The kids picked a small punnet each and managed to not eat all of them by the time we got home, where I rustled up some Blackberry muffins.

Total wild time – 1 hour

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