30th July 2016 – Feeling like a failure

I felt a bit of a failure today, as by the time I had finished giving E’s room a second coat of paint, it was almost dinner and too late for my planned trip to see some ancient trees (although earlier in the day whilst walking the dog with E, I did witness 2 Moorhens chasing a Black-headed Gull and then a Heron away from the river, which made me smile). Instead, we took some time to sit in the hammock in the garden and I managed to persuade both children to be quiet for a few minutes and listen. We heard a Blackbird scolding, the baby House Sparrows in the nest in our porch roof (must be the 3rd brood they’ve reared this year), a Pied Wagtail flying overhead, but mostly we heard buzzing bees. Izzy then pretended to put on make-up using flowers she found in the garden and made me watch a dancing/fashion show, which apparently I had to join in at the end

Total wild time – 30 mins or thereabouts

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