26th July 2016 – Clay decorations

IMG_20160726_093433193We had fun making hanging clay decorations (in theory, for the Christmas Tree), using natural materials to make interesting impressions. Shells, leaves such as Rosemary, Bay and Sage, plus grass flowers, made good prints. We had less success with feathers and other flowers. This was a really relaxing activity, that Izzy and I enjoyed doing (E just played with the clay and a snail I made for him) and the time we spent doing it was only limited by the amount of available clay we had.

We had heard that ‘the Mackerel were in’ , so later in the evening, we took a picnic dinner and a fishing rod to the beach to try our luck, but sadly caught nothing.

Total wild time – clay decorations – 35 mins, fishing – 1 hour 20 mins.

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