20th July 2016 – Den’s a no-no

My kids are possibly the only kids in the history of the world who don’t appreciate a den. I made one in the garden using a sheet slung over the swing frame and a chair, then filled it lovingly with cushions and books, creating a lovely, inviting shady spot.

They refused to go in it, despite me crawling in and showing them how comfortable it wa. Izzy had a complete meltdown and ordered me to take it down (I think she was upset about a tiny cobweb on the chair, although even when this was wiped away, she was no keener to explore the den). E copied his sister and started wailing, too. So, I gave up and put Wii Dance on, instead.

Later, I tried to liven up a dog walk by giving the kids binoculars and asking them to count the House Martin nests we passed. But, this turned into a disaster, too, with Izzy whingeing for the entire time we were out.

Even later, Izzy and I made pizza and we all went to Seaton for a picnic dinner. The beach was packed with fishermen/women, families barbecuing,  eating takeaways and playing. The sea was just as busy with kayakers, paddle boarders, sailing boats and swimmers.

The kids chased each other over the pebbles, whilst I tried to relax, listening to the sound of the waves and cloud-watching.

Total wild time: About 1 hour 20 mins

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