2nd June 2016 – Seaton Wetlands

DSC_0256It was a breezy, beautiful afternoon at Seaton Wetlands. The tide was out and there was a strong smell of salt and mud. E on his Scuttlebug raced Izzy’s bike to the pond, where we paused to watch the damselflies and a Moorhen. Then, at Island Hide, we spotted four fluffy Shelduck ducklings (I tried to take a photo, but at that moment the children decided to leg it in opposite directions…)

Izzy DSC_0258collected a few flowers. E collected bits of gravel. Izzy called to me (now weighed down by a bag, camera, scuttlebug, cycle helmet and E) to show me a Fat-legged Flower Beetle on a Buttercup. She decided to cycle the rest of the way really slowly, so as not to scare any other beetles away. E lay down to enjoy the feel of the warm tarmac. Within sight of the car, Izzy decided that she couldn’t cycle any further and so I carried her and her bike, tooDSC_0271.

Total wild time: 1 hour 10 mins


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