12th July 2016 – Practising wildlife photography

IMG_20160712_151636861I gave Izzy her camera and E my camera phone for the journey to and from preschool and set them the challenge of photographing wildlife. E took a very thorough pictorial account of our journey as he saw it (mainly his feet, his thumb and the pavement) and filled my memory card, whilst Izzy was a little more selective, photographing the ferns we found growing on the town’s walls, noting that different species had different shaped sporangia, as well as the drops of water on the leaf of a Lady’s Mantle (which everyone knows are used to make fairy potions) and every flower, cloud and bird we passed. She strayed outside the brief to additionally photograph houses, cars and the fire station.

IMG_20160712_151621730Our usual 10 minute walk took 5 times as long, but the kids loved it.

Total wild time: 50 mins

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