6th July 2016 – Nature at the Donkey Sanctuary

DSC_0440I knew Izzy wasn’t quite herself this morning when she had a complete meltdown because she wanted toast for breakfast but not toast that was ‘cooked’. It was therefore quite an achievement to actually get her and E out of the house and to the Donkey Sanctuary, where I was subjected to a lot of whining about going to the playground.

DSC_0444DSC_0443However, once we followed the path into the woods, she became much more like her normal self. We popped into the Nature Centre and checked out the skulls (cue E’s dinosaur roar) and nest boxes, then continued on the trail through the trees. Jays and Buzzards called and I was impressed to find a Wild Service Tree (the kids less so). The footpath led to the promised playground and the kids played on the tractor until I dragged them home for lunch.

Total wild time: 1 hour 50 min

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