5th July 2016 – River dipping and paddling

IMG_20160705_152005432 IMG_20160705_153615077

Finally, the sun shone and it felt like summer, so after pre-school we headed to the river and before I could stop her, Izzy went straight in, wearing her shoes. Before long, E’s trousers were also soaked. Shoeless, sockless and trouserless, they carried on paddling and fishing in the lovely, cool water. Izzy has had plenty of practice and proved a bit of a pro, catching dozens of tiny fish and a Lesser Water Boatman. E was less skillful, but enjoyed splashing about. Occasionally, a loud splash revealed the presence of mysterious, bigger fish in the deeper parts of the river. There were a few fairy-like Mayflies about and we saw one being snatched out of the air by a bird. Izzy would have happily stayed for hours, but E got hungry and we had to head home with the promise that we would be back again soon.

Total wild time: 1 hour

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