2nd July 2016 – Only a dog walk

It rained almost all day and we were busy watching Izzy do zumba at a school fete, making bunting and painting garden furniture. Also, E had a record 3 hour nap, all of which added up to it being hard to fit in wild time, today. I took E out for a dog walk and we headed towards Chantry Bridge, where we stopped to watch and listen to the birds. There were a couple of Grey Wagtails, some Swifts, Hedge Sparrows and more than one Goldcrest, doing a very good impression of a hummingbird. Apparently, they hover as they catch flying insects – something I’ve never seen before.

The heavens opened, but we carried on regardless and E said ‘Owl’ every time he heard a Woodpigeon. He’s only 21 months, so I’m not too disappointed that he can’t tell the difference, yet. Further along the river, we spotted a Heron, hunkering down in the rain, then headed home for a roast dinner.

Total Wild Time: E – 30 mins

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