1st June 2016 – River Coly

DSC_0245 Day 1 of the challenge! We joined a Legacy to Landscape Project event and walked along the River Coly, learning about the plants and animals that lived there. We made banners and ‘palettes’ by sticking different coloured plants onto cork badges. We found Oak, Sycamore and Horse Chestnut leaves and learned about the life cycle of a Dragonfly. Swallows and House Martins flew overhead, whilst Grey Wagtails bobbed about in the river. We played pooh sticks at Chantry Bridge, where a Little Egret was fishing and a Mallard with 3 ducklings was paddling. Then, as we walked home, we were invited into a friend’s garden to see, perched at the top of an enormous old Holm Oak, a pair of Tawny Owls! Not a bad start!DSC_0253

Total Wild Time – 2 h 20 mins

3 thoughts on “1st June 2016 – River Coly

  1. Sounds awesome. When u say cork badges what do u mean? Sounds good if its what I think?! Good luck with your challenge…im sure it will lead to fun adventures x

    1. Hi Bex, they were just circles of cork with sticky back plastic on, which we decorated with petals and leaves

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