29th June 2016 – Making a worm hotel

DSC_0415 DSC_0413

Trying not to be defeated by the weather, we put on our coats and made a ‘worm hotel’ in the garden. We filled a little vivarium with layers of grit, compost and soil. Then the kids added leaves, flowers and basically anything else they could find to the top. It would have been nice to have layers of different coloured sand, but ‘work with what you’ve got’ and all that… Next, we dug for worms and popped some in the hotel. Most of them were ‘really sweet babies’ of indeterminate species, but we did identify one as an Angler’s Red Worm by the way it wriggled and curled madly when picked up. We watched a few of them squirming down into the soil. Afterwards, we read the section on worms in Nick Baker’s Bug Book and Izzy was fascinated to learn that worm casts were really poo and (unsentimental child that she is) that people can eat worms, remarking that you would have to ‘chop off their heads first’ to make the Earthworm Meatloaf.

The worms have all disappeared into their new home, but hopefully we will see some action over the next few days – check back for updates!

Total Wild Time: 45 mins

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