28th June 2016 – Flower potions and scavenger hunt

It’s been a low-key, lazy kind of a day. This morning, whilst the sun briefly shone, E and Izzy played with water in the garden and made flower potions using scented herbs, such as lavender and mint. Then, on the way to and from preschool, we did a scavenger hunt. Nothing fancy, I just gave Izzy a clipboard with a list of things to find and tick off:IMG_20160628_110324954

  • something shiny
  • something sticky
  • something spotty
  • something stripy
  • something sharp
  • something crunchy
  • something bumpy
  • something something soft
  • something stinky
  • something round
  • something heart-shaped
  • something triangle-shaped

We found them all, except something stinky, as, for some reason, Izzy rejected Yarrow and Herb-Robert for not being smelly enough.

Total wild time: 1 hour (or near enough)

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