3rd April 2017 – Birdsong at Holyford Woods

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My mum took Izzy. E, Bramble and I for a walk at Holyford Woods. The kids enjoyed running down the hill from Seaton Down, but once we got to the woods, Izzy started whingeing because she didn’t want to wear or carry her coat. This continued for some time, until she eventually carried it with her hood on her head. E copied her. Once the wailing had stopped, we were able to appreciate the amazing sound of birdsong that rang through the woods. We had a guess at how many birds we could hear – Izzy suggested 5. I told her that I thought it must be much more than that.

We noted a single Bluebell in flower, but the woods will be a sea of blue in a few weeks. We walked past the pond and through some very sticky mud. My mum regretted not putting her wellies on and I had to carry E over the worst. E picked up a stick and Izzy decided to make a fairy boat, which involved a lot more whining, because she couldn’t find a stiff enough leaf to use as a hull. I found some Wood Sorrel and we snacked on the leaves. Izzy was interested to know what else we could eat, so we tasted some Stitchwort and Gorse, too. We gave the Wild Garlic a miss, though. Looping back around on the higher path, we found some muddy puddles full of tadpoles. Both kids were fascinated, but I had to stop E sucking the stick that he was poking in the water. We walked on, but E wandered back towards the puddle, where he got stuck in mud up to his knees and had to be rescued. I then had to carry him back up the hill to the car.

I gave my mum carrot cake when we got home – I think she felt she had earned it! Later, we logged our Bluebell sighting on The Woodland Trust website.

Total wild time – 1 hour 40 minsIMG_0313

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