20th June 2016 – Chasing grasshoppers

IMG_20160620_160021468For the first time in days, the sun was warm on our backs as we hiked up the hill with a sweep net and ID book. Once in the meadow, we quickly had a net-full of interesting insects – tons of little brown Weevil-type things (Apion beetles maybe?), a red and black Rove Beetle, which Izzy loved because it moved so quickly, tiny Harvestmen, some green Capsid Bugs, a Common Froghopper, hundreds of tiny flies… but then, I caught a couple of grasshoppers and suddenly, Izzy wasn’t interested in catching anything else. E was getting hungry and grouchy, but Izzy insisted that we had to wait for her to catch one. She was very happy when she eventually caught four in one sweep of the net.

Total wild time: 1 hour 20 mins

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