22nd March 2017 – Frog!

IMG_0272E and I made the most of the intermittent sunshine, playing out in the garden. He played with his sand and fire engine, whilst I got the cushions out and lay in the sun. We ate our sweet potato pancakes outdoors, then E played on my phone, whilst I did some planting. It was then that I noticed the Frog amongst the flowers. I caught it gently in my gloves to show E, then put it in a safe place, knowing that my dog likes to chase it if she sees it. I wasn’t sure whether to rehome it or not, as our garden is surrounded by a wall. There is a gap under the gate it could escape through, but only if it finds it. One day, we hope to have a pond, but that won’t be for a while.

Total wild time – E – a few hours, Izzy – 0 mins

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