24th February 2017 – Pebblebed Heath


Warmth! Sunshine! Even though I was still ill, I felt so much better with an improvement in the weather. I cleaned the house, I mowed the lawn and after lunch, I took E and Bramble for a walk on the East Devon Pebblebed Heath. We parked at Joney’s Cross and ambled aimlessly around. E walked for the entire hour, without asking to be carried or whining about anything. He enjoyed plodding through the dry Purple Moor-grass and picked stems for his friend Olive, Izzy and B. He also filled my pocket with pebbles he wanted to take home. Apart from the road noise, it was very peaceful on the heath and there was a lovely view towards Sidmouth and the sea. I returned home feeling energised.

Izzy went to the playground with her class on their welly walk, so she got out and about in the sunshine, too.

Total wild time – 1 hour


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