5th February 2017 – Where are all the birds?

IMG_0116Not sure where all the birds were at Seaton Wetlands this morning. It was much colder than I thought it would be there, with a bitter wind. E on his bike and Izzy on her scooter, raced around the paths. We were on a mission to find frogspawn, which has been recorded there according to their whiteboards, but we failed to spot any. We paused in the bird hide and saw some Blue Tits, a Pheasant, some Mallards, a Woodpigeon, a Moorhen and what I think was a Yellowhammer.

Later, I took Izzy out for a pony ride and there were signs of Spring everywhere, including a few flowering Barren Strawberry and Primrose plants.


Total wild time – 35 mins (E), Izzy – 2 hours 35 mins

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