4th February 2017 – A big wave

IMG_0111The weather was beautiful this morning, for breakfast in Lyme Regis and a trip to the lovely playground. It was still lovely when we arrived in Charmouth, but the waves were crashing over the walkway behind the heritage centre. I was a bit dubious about walking that way to the beach, but other people were doing it and B seemed to think it would be fine. He carried E and forged on ahead, whilst Izzy and I followed behind, holding hands. Half way along, an enormous wave crashed right over our heads, soaking us both. Poor Izzy was dripping wet, head to toe and immediately burst into tears. I led her down onto the beach, where an artist was collecting bits of seaweed for her sculptures and people were searching for fossils. I did a #2minutebeach clean but the beach was so utterly covered in rubbish, it made no discernible difference at all. There were so many people out and about, I couldn’t help thinking that if everybody had just picked up 1 or 2 bits of plastic, then that would have made a difference.  Izzy was not in the mood any more, so we turned around. Back at the car park, B gave Izzy his coat and she decided that she wanted to explore the beach on the other side of the river. There was a boy feeding the ducks next to the bridge and a Cormorant drying its wings. E drew in the sand with his finger, then got quite a lot in his eye. Izzy collected some bits of Bladderwrack and driftwood and climbed on a boulder. B found some ammonites, before we headed back to the car. We passed some flowering 3-Cornered Leek and E pointed out some Daisies – a few little signs that Spring is on its way.

Total wild time – 1 hour 30 mins

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