17th June 2016 – Slow-worms in the strawberry patch

IMG_1574We set off for the allotment with a plastic tub and the hope of a delicious summer pudding … after picking a measly 4 strawberries (in the pouring rain), we lifted the weed-suppressing carpet to see what wildlife we could find. A couple of beautiful metallic Slow-worms squirmed away and a nest of Red Ants busily moved their eggs about. There were more than a few big, fat slugs, an earthworm or two and a centipede. We picked an onion and some flowers and returned home, drenched.

(Disclaminer: I can not vouch for the quality of this post, it having been written post-consumption of a raspberry vodka cocktail)

Total Wild Time – 1 hour 15 mins

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